Best Ways to Get Rid of That Marijuana Smell After Being Smoked

So what makes weed smell so good? Most people point to the terpenes, which are aromatic hydrocarbons that give cannabis its flavor and aroma.

Through some clever crossbreeding, cultivators have increased the terpene profile of their plants, regardless of whether they want them to taste like blueberry or mango.

This means you can pick up on some serious fruit flavors when you’re smoking some dank kush. That also means there’s more than just THC in your joint. There’s also a bouquet of mixed flavors.

Growing marijuana can be an expensive hobby. But, there are ways to make it more cost-effective and less smelly.

What Does Scent Reveal About A Strain?

The scent of weed can reveal a lot about the strain and how it was grown. There are typically two types of weed with different scents:

– Indica dominant marijuana strains – usually have a citrus or fruity scent, but sometimes spicy or skunky. This is the type that makes you sleepy and gives you the ‘munchies’.

– Sativa dominant marijuana strains – often have a sweet, musky, earthy scent. This is the type that makes you energetic, boosts your mood, and helps with mental focus.

The smell of marijuana can also be due to terpenes or terpenoids. These are chemicals produced by cannabis which gives them their unique aroma. The most common types are limonene, pinene, myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene, and humulene.

Humulene, for example, has a herbaceous, woody scent while linalool smells of lavender. Pinene can be pine-scented while myrcene smells musky. Limonene is the most commonly found terpene in weed with a citrus-like fragrance and is the most prevalent terpene in nature.

Limonene, Pinene, and Myrcene can also be found in other plants such as lemons, pine trees, verbena, and hops.

How To Make Marijuana Smell Better?

If you want your marijuana to smell better, here are some tips for getting the best weed without breaking your budget:

1 ) Use a carbon filter in your exhaust system to get rid of the smell from the outside air before it gets into your grow room

2 ) Replace HPS lights with LED ones that don’t require heat sinks

3 ) Install ventilation fans

4 ) Change pots or containers regularly

5 ) Spray plants with water

6 ) Keep humidity at 50%

7 ) Put coffee grinds on soil

8 ) Cover seeds in sterilized dirt instead of using starter plugs

9 ) Get rid of old leaves

10 ) Add nitrogen

What Are The Popular Marijuana Scents?

Marijuana has a distinctive smell. It’s not for everyone, but those who enjoy it usually love the scent. There are many different scents associated with marijuana, the most popular being skunk and diesel.

Both of these smells can be enhanced by adding terpenes to your cannabis oil or smoking in a vaporizer, giving you more control over how much flavor is added to your smoke.

There are also other flavors available such as blueberry, strawberry kush, pineapple express, OG Kush, and cheesecake that have been specifically designed for people who prefer their weedless smelly or more fruity tasting than skunky.

These flavors come in various forms, including oils and waxes that can be vaped through pens or used to enhance the flavor of dried cannabis buds.

Skunky and diesel flavored weed both fall under the category of marijuana with a strong scent. They are by far not the only smells available, but they’re certainly the most popular ones.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should try out as many different flavors as possible until you find one that suits your taste buds and appeals to your olfactory senses.

What Makes Marijuana Smell Good?

Terpenes produce marijuana flavor. These are fragrant oils that make up the scent of cannabis and many other plants. Terpenes also determine how a strain will taste and smell, and this makes it possible to enhance the flavor of weed by adding terpenes to the cannabis oil or smoking it in a vaporizer.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the essential oils in cannabis that give marijuana its flavor. They can be smelled even before you start burning your weed or putting it in a vaporizer. The scent is so strong; many people use terpenes to make their weed more pleasant.

Like other essential oils, terpenes are highly concentrated, so even a few drops of terpene oil can influence the taste and smell of your entire batch of marijuana. To learn more about terpenes, check out this article on how terpenes work.

How Does Marijuana Smell On A Person?

Marijuana has a strong and distinctive odor that alerts people who are near to your smoking of what you’re doing. The smell can be both pleasant and unpleasant. It depends on the person’s opinion, as well as the marijuana strain smoked. Marijuana also smells differently on different parts of the body, such as hair or clothing.

How To Get Rid Of Marijuana Smell?

There are different ways to reduce the smell of marijuana. One way is to use a water bong, which filters out some of the smell. Another option is to rub lemon juice into your hair or clothing. This trick might last for an hour or two, depending on how much you apply and when it’s washed. You can also put dryer sheets in your pocket to help mask the smell.

All of these options are temporary, though. The best way to avoid a marijuana smell is to smoke it in a water pipe or vaporizer pen. These devices get more of the THC out of the product and into your system without emitting any smell at all. Marijuana has many medical uses, and it shouldn’t be treated as a dirty secret. If you do smoke, though, this guide can help you hide your smoking from others.

Key Takeaway

The smell of marijuana is a distinctive scent that can be either pleasant or unpleasant. The best way to mask the smell is by using water bongs, lemon juice, dryer sheets, and smoking in a vaporizer pen.

Marijuana cultivators can make the plant less-smelly by following the tips mentioned in this article.


CBD Oil for Cat Aggression – Buyers Guide & Product Review

Cats are known for being independent, but sometimes they can be aggressive. This is typically the result of environmental factors. If you have a cat that has been exhibiting aggression, it may be time to take them to the vet and get some help! However, before you do anything else make sure to read this blog post on CBD Oil for cats. We’ll go over what CBD Oil is, how it works in managing aggression in cats, and why it’s so effective!

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis Sativa L plant. In other words, CBD oil will not make your cat high or stoned! Even though it has no THC, CBD can help treat a wide variety of conditions from anxiety to arthritis pain. CBD is used largely as a dietary supplement, but because of its amazing medicinal qualities, people are also using it as medicine for cats and dogs!

What Is Cats Aggression?

Cats have a reputation for being independent and aloof. But, even though they seem to be on their own most of the time, cats can still get stressed or anxious. In those cases, they may lash out at others as a form of defense. This is typically more common among certain breeds including Siamese cats, which are known to be high strung. Cats that go from home to home may also exhibit aggressive behavior since they aren’t used to their new surroundings or owners. There are also some medical reasons why a cat might be aggressive – specifically painkillers like NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

If you notice your cat acting irritable after taking certain medications it is best to stop giving them these pain killers immediately and contact a vet for more information.

Treatment Options for Cats Aggression

There are several different treatment options for cats that show aggression. From training to medication, you should use what works best for your cat and/or your family.

One of the best ways to treat aggression in cats is with CBD oil. With no psychoactive effects, CBD has been used successfully by many cat owners to manage their feline friend’s anxiety and stress levels. In doing so, these cats were able to calm down and their aggressive behavior subsided! So, overall CBD oil can help turn around a situation where your cat might become anxious or stressed out. Plus, they’ll be a lot more pleasant to be around!

CBD Oil and Cats’ Aggression

CBD oil helps manage cats’ aggression by calming them down. It can reduce overall anxiety and stress levels so your cat will be a lot more pleasant to be around!

In general, CBD Oil contains fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. In doing so, it blocks certain receptors in the brain that cause animals to feel stressed or anxious. That means if you’re going through a period where your cat is being irritable due to stress or anxiety then CBD oil might help them calm down a bit – allowing everyone to breathe a little easier throughout the day.

List of Other CBD Products and Their Benefits

There are a variety of CBD products in the market that you could give your feline friend, the most common ones include:

CBD Tinctures

These work by having your cat ingest them orally. The tincture is absorbed into the bloodstream and targets certain areas of the brain towards reducing anxiety and stress levels. You can mix these with food to give your cat a more gentle solution.


  • The CBD tincture gives your cat an all-around solution that can help with pain, anxiety, and stress. These are typically used by owners who want to give their pets relief in multiple ways.


  • You should give cats tinctures at low doses to avoid upsetting the stomach! If you’re not experienced giving CBD oil to your cat then it might be better to ask a vet for advice first. Another downside is that some cats don’t like the taste of them – especially if they haven’t been given these before (tinctures usually have a hempy flavor).

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CBD Pet Treats

If you’re looking for a more natural route, CBD treats can be a great way to go! Many companies offer these in different flavors that cats love – like chicken or tuna. Cats would then get their CBD oil through food which helps it work quickly since the stomach absorbs fatty substances like CBD oil easily.

CBD tends to work better as a preventative measure than it does as an on-the-spot treatment, so you might want to start training your cat early by giving them yummy CBD treats before they become aggressive.


  • Cats love the taste! Plus, CBD tinctures are absorbed easily through fatty substances like food which means they can work faster than other methods. These treats are also beneficial because you could use them as a preventative measure to avoid any aggressive behavior from popping up in the first place.


  • If you’re thinking of giving your cat CBD oil through treats then it’s important to do your research first since not all CBD oils are safe for feline consumption.

CBD Pill Supplements

Some cats may not like the taste of tinctures or treats since they are flavored with hemp oil. That’s why some pet owners opt for pill supplements that contain all the benefits of CBD without having to worry about how their pets will respond!


  • CBD oils in pill form can help your cat get all the benefits of CBD without having to deal with the problem of giving them any treats or tinctures that they may not like.


  • These pills are not flavored and might be harder for cats to swallow than other methods. It’s also easier to give too much CBD oil if you’re using supplements so it’s important to follow dosage instructions carefully.

How to Give CBD Oil to My Aggressive Cats?

The best way to give your cat CBD Oil is to mix it with food or treats. It is recommended that you start with very small doses (about 0.1mg/kg) and work your way towards giving them larger doses (0.3mg/kg) so they can slowly get used to the effects of CBD oil. You should also use different methods of delivery until you find the one your cat responds best to!

Dosage Guide

In order to find out how much CBD oil you should give your cat, first take a look at the instructions on the bottle of CBD oil you have purchased. Each product will have a different dosage, and it is essential to follow your CBD oil for cats’ instructions since each bottle can be slightly different. After that, consult with your vet about the ideal dosage amount. Then, start at a lower level and see how your cat reacts before going any further. If you find after a few days they are still aggressive, don’t hesitate to increase the dosage by another drop! Over time most cats become more responsive to both the calming effects of CBD oil as well as becoming less anxious, which results in them being more affectionate.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that we answered all your questions about CBD Oil for cats. If there’s anything else we haven’t covered, be sure to let us know in the comments below! And as always, if you want help with any of these products or need more information on how they work, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team today.


Best CBD Oil for Dog Seizures – The Top Products

Whatever humans feel and go through can also happen to your pet dogs. Seizures in dogs are also common. The cases of seizures in dogs continue to rise. Occurrences of seizures in dogs could mean that your pet is going through a medical condition more serious than you think. It could be epilepsy or an illness that could need extreme treatment.

Seizures in dogs could happen only for a few seconds but if it has been occurring repeatedly, then your dog could need a visit to the vet and get the best treatment. For pet dogs with seizures, medications are the most common treatment. But you can also go for a more natural way of treatment by giving CBD oil.

Though many pet owners have already found the way to trust the best CBD oil for dogs suffering from seizures, they also need to know that it can also pose side effects or no effects at all. This is why it is best to look for brands of CBD oil that are reliable to give good results. This article will cover the best CBD oil for dogs with seizures along with its pros and cons. It will give you a better idea of which brand of CBD oil to try and trust for your dog’s seizures.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs With Seizures to Choose From

Pet owners are lucky as there are now more brands of CBD oil to choose from. It is only important that they dig deeper into what each brand can and cannot provide so they can easily pick the brand to give to their dog with seizures.

Royal CBD

If your pet dog is suffering from seizures quite often, Royal CBD should be a brand to consider. This brand only uses organic hemp grown. They work with experienced dog breeders who make sure that this is the best CBD oil for dogs with seizures and is free from pesticides and other contaminants like molds or fungus. This CBD product is also available in different formulas like capsules, tinctures, or liquids. 


  • Organic hemp
  • Proven safe to use for animals
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to administer


  • Expensive

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Gold Bee

When looking for CBD oil, Gold Bee has the right amount of CBD, thanks to its natural blend of 100% organic hemp. Their top-quality ingredients are effective in treating various medical conditions like seizures, and stress & anxiety in dogs. This CBD brand has different product types like tinctures, capsules, and sprays.


  • No side effects
  • Affordable
  • Lab-tested for quality
  • 100% organic hemp
  • Gives pets more energy and healthier skin


  • Not available in many flavors

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Another brand that is trusted by pet owners when it comes to CBD is Canna-Pet. Their unflavored hemp oil can be given to pets in different ways like putting it in their food or dropping it directly into the mouth using a dropper. The formula has been proven safe from contaminants and is tested to be free from pesticides, molds, fungus, or any other toxins.


  • Digestible formula
  • No contaminant issue
  • Flavorless for easy administration


  • Not available in all states/countries


If you are not sure what brands to go for when looking for CBD oil, NaturCBD is a brand that can be trusted. Their products offer all-natural relief without any psychoactive effects. They use their proprietary blend of hemp grown organically in Colorado to make the product. This CBD brand also uses a proper CO2 extraction process to make the product safe from contaminants.


  • No psychoactive effects
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Safe for pets of all sizes


  • Not going to be useful if your dog has severe seizures every day

Spruce CBD Oil

If you want to make sure that the CBD oil that you will get is of high quality, then you need to get Spruce CBD Oil. This is a brand that has been tested to ensure that it does not contain any traces of THC. It also follows the proper CO2 process and looks for all-natural ingredients for their CBD oil, so you can be sure that no contaminants will be present in whatever this brand provides to your pet dog.


  • Lab-tested
  • Uses pure CBD
  • THC free for pet safety


  • Not going to be useful if your dog has severe seizures every day

What Causes Seizures in Dogs?

Seizures in dogs are often caused by different medical conditions that are related to the central nervous system. If you want to understand what conditions are related to seizures in dogs, then they include brain tumors, epilepsy, liver disease, kidney dysfunction, and even Lyme disease. There are also some breeds of dogs that may be more prone to seizures than others.

Types of Dog Seizures

Canine epilepsy: Canine epilepsy is a condition that sees the dog has repeated seizures, no matter what the breed of the dog. It affects both sexes and can be due to various medical conditions or simply because of a bad diet. A vet will need to get involved when your dog is experiencing this problem so they can get an accurate diagnosis.

Focal seizures: Focal seizures are another type of seizure that can affect dogs. However, unlike epileptic seizures, these only affect one part of the brain instead of both hemispheres. You may notice your dog experiences a variety of symptoms depending on whether the problem is mild or severe.

Cluster seizures: Cluster seizures are when the dog has several seizures with short intervals in between. This is a medical emergency, and you will need to get professional help right away. 

How Are Seizures in Dogs Treated?

The treatment of dog seizures may vary depending on the severity of the problem. For mild cases, you can try an over-the-counter medication that will help in calming down your pet and relieve them from some symptoms. However, if the seizures are occurring frequently then it’s best to get a vet involved so they can diagnose what is causing them and how to treat the condition properly.

Can CBD Oil Help in Treating Seizures in Dogs?

CBD oil has been known to work in treating seizures in dogs. It will not only help them in calming down but it can also be used to reduce the number of seizures they have. However, CBD oil needs to be given under the proper guidance of a vet because too much CBD can be toxic.

The safest bet is to use CBD oil only if the vet says it’s safe to do so. You need to make sure that you are using a brand that is free from THC and only uses organic, all-natural ingredients. Also, you will need to get on board with some training for your dog to make sure they are comfortable with CBD.

Benefits From CBD Oil for Dogs With Seizures

Different benefits can be obtained from using CBD. It’s not only good for calming down your dog but it can also help in reducing the number of seizures they have. CBD oil can also help in improving your dog’s overall health and wellness.

Another benefit of CBD oil is that it can also help in reducing the anxiety and stress of your dog. This is something that can happen when they go through a lot of seizures and will lead to better health overall. Things like improved sleep quality, appetite, and mood are just some of the benefits you can get from using CBD oil.

How to Use the CBD Oil for Seizures in Dogs

You need to ensure that you consult with your vet before giving CBD oil to your pet. If they say it is okay then you can start by doing some training with your pet so they are used to CBD oil. This way, when they have seizures in the future, you can administer it quickly and help them in calming down or preventing seizures.

  • Dispense just a little of CBD oil into their mouth.
  • You can do this by using the dispenser that comes along with your CBD product. If you’re buying a tincture then it’s best to store it in the fridge before use, and avoid putting it under direct sunlight or heat.
  • Ensure that you don’t overuse CBD by only using the recommended dosage. If your dog is large or isn’t used to taking CBD oil, start with a smaller dosage until you reach the appropriate amount.
  • Keep track of how much CBD is being given so it doesn’t happen by mistake. CBD won’t help your pet if they get too much and it can make the problem worse. 

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs With Seizures 

The dose of CBD oil needs to be given under close supervision by a vet. This is because too much can be harmful and even fatal for your pet. However, you should find out what the proper dosage is and how often it should be given so that you can ensure their safety and keep them healthy no matter what.

On average, most dogs need around 25mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight every day to help with seizures. This will depend on your dog’s specific condition, so make sure you research the best dosage before giving them any CBD oil.

It is best to start with small doses and monitor your pet’s behavior closely when you first start giving them CBD oil. You should look for changes in behavior like restlessness, irritability, and other signals that things aren’t going well. This is the only way to avoid adverse reactions and overdosing and also make sure that the CBD oil works correctly.

CBD dosage can be given anywhere from 2 times per day to once every 6 hours. Plus, you can give them a big dose once or twice a day and smaller doses throughout the rest of the day. But before you start giving your pet CBD, It’s important to talk with a vet who can tell you exactly what the dosage is and how long it will take for your pet to feel the effects of CBD.


CBD oil can bring a lot of benefits to humans. But it is also proven safe and effective in animals, particularly, dogs. Using the best CBD oil for dogs with seizures can assure pet owners that they will always have a product that can help their dogs with their medical conditions. It is important to note that the CBD dosage is something you should consider before giving your pets CBD oil, just like with humans. CBD will work well only if it is used the right way and in the right dose.


5 Best CBD Oils for Dogs with Arthritis & Joint Pain

Dogs are a part of the family, and it is important to take care of them. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, you have likely tried many different treatments without success. CBD Oil can be an effective way to relieve pain in dogs with arthritis. In this article, we will talk about how CBD oil for dogs works, what type of relief it provides, and which brands might work best for your pet!

Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

When choosing a CBD oil for dogs, it is important to know the causes of arthritis in dogs so you can choose the product that best suits your pet. Arthritis treatment with CBD oil should be able to reduce pain and inflammation while promoting new cell growth. Here are our top CBD Oil picks!

1. Royal CBD

What makes Royal CBD the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis? Royal CBD uses a special CO2 extraction process for our premium gold label CBD hemp oil. Their lab follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure that each product is of the best quality possible, free from pesticides and heavy metals. Each batch is tested for purity and potency, guaranteeing you are getting the finest CBD Oil available!

How much does it cost? Prices can range depending on the size of your order. A 30ml bottle with 1,500mg will usually cost around $90-199



  • Pricey than other brands (but definitely worth it!)
  • You can only purchase online

2. Gold Bee

Gold Bee is a company that has been in business for ten years, specializing in natural remedies and herbal remedies. They use the highest quality hemp to produce their rich oils and extracts, ensuring your pet gets the best possible treatment.

How much does it cost? Prices can range depending on the size of your order. A 30ml bottle with 2,000mg costs around $100.00.


  • No GMOs
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Organic ingredients Help with various types of pain
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Good manufacturing practices


  • Only available for purchase online
  • You can only purchase online. Some reviews noted delays in shipping.

3. Inland Botanicals

Inland Botanicals is a family-owned company that uses organically sourced ingredients to produce its products. All of their employees are extremely knowledgeable and follow the latest trends in CBD oil research to choose the best combinations for maximum potency and benefits.

How much does it cost? Prices can range depending on the size of your order. A 30ml bottle with 1,000mg costs around $80.00.


  • No additives or preservatives
  • Organic Helps with arthritis pain
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


  • You can only purchase online
  • Need to use frequently to see long-term effects
  • Quality has been noted to be inconsistent at times by users.

4. Tonic Remedies

Tonic Remedies use only locally sourced ingredients, ensuring they are using the freshest ingredients possible. They specialize in high-quality CBD oil tinctures and other products made with organic extracts. Their CBD products have been proven effective by a wide range of pet owners!

How much does it cost? Prices can range depending on the size of your order. A 30ml bottle with 500mg costs around $30.00.


  • 100% natural Helps with arthritis pain
  • No additives or preservatives


  • Some reviews have noted that shipping delays have been an issue.

5. IrieCBD

Irie CBD is a CBD Oil company with products for both humans and pets. They use organic ingredients to produce their line of exceptional hemp oil products, carefully selecting plants grown in the USA to ensure quality control every step of the way!

How much does it cost? Prices can range depending on the size of your order. A 30ml bottle with 1,500mg will usually cost around $90.00.


  • No GMOs
  • No additives or preservatives Helps with arthritis pain
  • Helps with arthritis pain


  • More expensive than other brands

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis & Joint Pain:

CBD Oil for Pain Management in Dogs CBD oil has been known to help pets with pain management. It does this by acting on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is found in all mammals, including dogs! The ECS consists of receptors throughout the brain and body that produce chemical compounds called endocannabinoids. These send signals to other cells to maintain homeostasis or stability within the body. Endocannabinoids are released when there is an injury or illness which causes pain. They attach to special receptors like CB1 and CB2, reducing pain through various actions such as:

  • Blocking Nerve Cells from Sending Pain Signals – This also helps prevent chronic inflammatory responses caused by nerve cells being activated over a long period of time.
  • Preventing Depletion of Endocannabinoids – When endocannabinoids are depleted, the body is unable to heal and restore cellular function and can lead to pain and other issues.
  • Stimulate Bone Growth – Studies have shown CBD’s ability to stimulate bone growth through the bones themselves rather than the joints or tendons as with joint supplements such as glucosamine. This helps stabilize joints and decrease pain associated with arthritis.
  • Promotes new cell growth to heal damaged tissues and tendons- CBD also promotes new cell growth and reduces the death of existing cells. Reduction in inflammation and pain is a side effect of CBD’s ability to heal damaged tissues and reinforce tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

Through its various mechanisms, CBD oil for dogs with arthritis has been shown to reduce overall inflammation, which causes swelling in their joints!

List of CBD Benefits for Dogs with Arthritis

CBD provides various benefits for dogs with arthritis. The most notable benefits it provides are:

  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain and swelling in joints
  • Promotes new cell growth to heal damaged tissues and tendons
  • Nourishes the body with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants
  • Prevents cellular damage by removing toxins that causes cancer
  • Increases energy levels to help your dog feel less lethargic

Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a painful inflammation of the joints that makes it difficult for pets to move around. It can affect any breed but is most common in older dogs. The main symptom of arthritis is limping, especially after exercise or rest. Other symptoms include reluctance to move, lethargy, sleeping more than normal, and resting head on a hard floor rather than the preferred soft bedding. Arthritis pain may be transient or long-lasting depending on its cause and severity.

How is Arthritis in Dogs Treated?

There is no cure for canine arthritis. Veterinarians usually recommend pain medications and supplements to reduce inflammation in the joints and manage your dog’s pain. Some of these treatments can be very expensive and may not even work at all! CBD oil has become a revolutionary option for many pet owners who want to avoid costly prescription drugs, especially in cases where the condition cannot be cured.

What is the Best CBD Product for Dogs with Arthritis?

There are several CBD products on the market for dogs, such as capsules, oils, sprays, liquids, balms, and edibles, so deciding on the best option can be overwhelming for pet owners. The best CBD product for dogs is one that provides a full spectrum of cannabinoids, contains no THC or artificial ingredients, and, most importantly, will provide relief to help them feel better!

CBD Oil and its Benefits for Dogs with Arthritis 

CBD oil can reduce inflammation in the joints and provide relief from pain in a variety of other ways. CBD oil has been proven to work by activating the Endocannabinoid System, which is present in all mammals. When this system becomes compromised or blocked due to external factors such as illness or injury, balancing out with cannabinoids from an outside source like CBD can be very beneficial.

Benefits of CBD Oil:

  • Prevents cellular damage by removing toxins
  • Reduces pain and inflammation in joints
  • Prevents seizures and convulsions
  • Promotes new cell growth to heal damaged tissues and tendons
  • Nourishes the body with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants

CBD Pet Treat and its Benefits for Dogs with Arthritis

CBD pet treats are infused with CBD oil to provide your dog with all the benefits of cannabinoids without having to ingest capsules. The delicious beef-flavored treat is perfect for dogs who do not like taking CBD supplements or those who need a quick pick-me-up mid-day.

Benefits of CBD Pet Treats:

  • Calms inflammation, joint pain, and reduces stiffness in joints
  • Promotes growth of healthy cells by stimulating blood flow
  • Relieves itchy skin and dandruff caused by allergies
  • Prevents cellular damage from toxins and pollutants found in everyday items such as flea collars, shampoo, household cleaners, etc.

CBD Topical and its Benefits for Dogs with Arthritis

CBD topical is applied directly to the skin of your pet, making it a great choice for localized pain relief. There are no psychoactive effects with CBD topicals since they interact only with the peripheral nerves of the skin and local tissues underneath. CBD topical products also contain other natural anti-inflammatory ingredients such as arnica Montana, balsam fir, white willow bark, black cohosh root, organic coconut oil, and shea butter.

Benefits of CBD Topical Lotion:

  • Provides temporary relief for inflamed joints on paw pads or inner elbow creases
  • Does not affect cognitive function similar to other medications or supplements
  • Can be used on dogs who do not like taking capsules or do not like the taste of CBD oil

How to use CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

There are a few ways on how to administer CBD oil to your dog. CBD oil can be mixed in with your dog’s food or a favorite treat, added to their water bowl, or placed directly into the mouth (if they will allow it). You can add a few drops of CBD oil under your pet’s tongue and hold it there for 30-60 seconds before allowing them to swallow.

Additional Tips:

  • Begin administering CBD several days prior to an event that causes pain, such as surgery or heavy exertion,
  • Consult with your veterinarian before adding any new supplements or medications since these could increase the effectiveness of CBD oil.
  • Take advantage of the dropper that comes with your CBD oil and measure out your pet’s dosage accordingly
  • Since each dog is different and reacts differently to CBD, do not change the amount given without consulting a professional
  • Maintain a diet log in order to keep track of any changes in appetite, fatigue, sleeping habits, etc.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs with Arthritis

The best way to use CBD is to start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you see results. A higher dosage can also be used for more immediate relief, especially in cases of severe arthritis, but keep in mind that this method can be potentially dangerous.

Dogs with arthritis should take between .25ml and 1ml of the oil daily, depending on their size and weight. CBD oil can be mixed into your pet’s food or given directly by mouth using the dropper that came with your bottle. Always consult with your veterinarian before starting any new supplement routine, making sure they are comfortable with giving CBD to your dog since some medicinal medications may have negative interactions when combined with cannabinoids.


The best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis is Royal CBD. This product was rated highest in our survey, and the feedback we received from other customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Plus, it’s affordable! Gold Bee came in second place because it offers a free shipping offer on orders over $50. However, there were mixed reviews about this product’s effectiveness against pain or inflammation associated with arthritis symptoms among dog owners who tried them out. If you are looking to buy your first bottle of CBD oil for your pup, try one of these two options before making any final decisions! Let us know which one worked best for you by commenting below!