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Whatever humans feel and go through can also happen to your pet dogs. Seizures in dogs are also common. The cases of seizures in dogs continue to rise. Occurrences of seizures in dogs could mean that your pet is going through a medical condition more serious than you think. It could be epilepsy or an illness that could need extreme treatment.

Seizures in dogs could happen only for a few seconds but if it has been occurring repeatedly, then your dog could need a visit to the vet and get the best treatment. For pet dogs with seizures, medications are the most common treatment. But you can also go for a more natural way of treatment by giving CBD oil.

Though many pet owners have already found the way to trust the best CBD oil for dogs suffering from seizures, they also need to know that it can also pose side effects or no effects at all. This is why it is best to look for brands of CBD oil that are reliable to give good results. This article will cover the best CBD oil for dogs with seizures along with its pros and cons. It will give you a better idea of which brand of CBD oil to try and trust for your dog’s seizures.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs With Seizures to Choose From

Pet owners are lucky as there are now more brands of CBD oil to choose from. It is only important that they dig deeper into what each brand can and cannot provide so they can easily pick the brand to give to their dog with seizures.

Royal CBD

If your pet dog is suffering from seizures quite often, Royal CBD should be a brand to consider. This brand only uses organic hemp grown. They work with experienced dog breeders who make sure that this is the best CBD oil for dogs with seizures and is free from pesticides and other contaminants like molds or fungus. This CBD product is also available in different formulas like capsules, tinctures, or liquids. 


  • Organic hemp
  • Proven safe to use for animals
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to administer


  • Expensive

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Gold Bee

When looking for CBD oil, Gold Bee has the right amount of CBD, thanks to its natural blend of 100% organic hemp. Their top-quality ingredients are effective in treating various medical conditions like seizures, and stress & anxiety in dogs. This CBD brand has different product types like tinctures, capsules, and sprays.


  • No side effects
  • Affordable
  • Lab-tested for quality
  • 100% organic hemp
  • Gives pets more energy and healthier skin


  • Not available in many flavors

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Another brand that is trusted by pet owners when it comes to CBD is Canna-Pet. Their unflavored hemp oil can be given to pets in different ways like putting it in their food or dropping it directly into the mouth using a dropper. The formula has been proven safe from contaminants and is tested to be free from pesticides, molds, fungus, or any other toxins.


  • Digestible formula
  • No contaminant issue
  • Flavorless for easy administration


  • Not available in all states/countries


If you are not sure what brands to go for when looking for CBD oil, NaturCBD is a brand that can be trusted. Their products offer all-natural relief without any psychoactive effects. They use their proprietary blend of hemp grown organically in Colorado to make the product. This CBD brand also uses a proper CO2 extraction process to make the product safe from contaminants.


  • No psychoactive effects
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Safe for pets of all sizes


  • Not going to be useful if your dog has severe seizures every day

Spruce CBD Oil

If you want to make sure that the CBD oil that you will get is of high quality, then you need to get Spruce CBD Oil. This is a brand that has been tested to ensure that it does not contain any traces of THC. It also follows the proper CO2 process and looks for all-natural ingredients for their CBD oil, so you can be sure that no contaminants will be present in whatever this brand provides to your pet dog.


  • Lab-tested
  • Uses pure CBD
  • THC free for pet safety


  • Not going to be useful if your dog has severe seizures every day

What Causes Seizures in Dogs?

Seizures in dogs are often caused by different medical conditions that are related to the central nervous system. If you want to understand what conditions are related to seizures in dogs, then they include brain tumors, epilepsy, liver disease, kidney dysfunction, and even Lyme disease. There are also some breeds of dogs that may be more prone to seizures than others.

Types of Dog Seizures

Canine epilepsy: Canine epilepsy is a condition that sees the dog has repeated seizures, no matter what the breed of the dog. It affects both sexes and can be due to various medical conditions or simply because of a bad diet. A vet will need to get involved when your dog is experiencing this problem so they can get an accurate diagnosis.

Focal seizures: Focal seizures are another type of seizure that can affect dogs. However, unlike epileptic seizures, these only affect one part of the brain instead of both hemispheres. You may notice your dog experiences a variety of symptoms depending on whether the problem is mild or severe.

Cluster seizures: Cluster seizures are when the dog has several seizures with short intervals in between. This is a medical emergency, and you will need to get professional help right away. 

How Are Seizures in Dogs Treated?

The treatment of dog seizures may vary depending on the severity of the problem. For mild cases, you can try an over-the-counter medication that will help in calming down your pet and relieve them from some symptoms. However, if the seizures are occurring frequently then it’s best to get a vet involved so they can diagnose what is causing them and how to treat the condition properly.

Can CBD Oil Help in Treating Seizures in Dogs?

CBD oil has been known to work in treating seizures in dogs. It will not only help them in calming down but it can also be used to reduce the number of seizures they have. However, CBD oil needs to be given under the proper guidance of a vet because too much CBD can be toxic.

The safest bet is to use CBD oil only if the vet says it’s safe to do so. You need to make sure that you are using a brand that is free from THC and only uses organic, all-natural ingredients. Also, you will need to get on board with some training for your dog to make sure they are comfortable with CBD.

Benefits From CBD Oil for Dogs With Seizures

Different benefits can be obtained from using CBD. It’s not only good for calming down your dog but it can also help in reducing the number of seizures they have. CBD oil can also help in improving your dog’s overall health and wellness.

Another benefit of CBD oil is that it can also help in reducing the anxiety and stress of your dog. This is something that can happen when they go through a lot of seizures and will lead to better health overall. Things like improved sleep quality, appetite, and mood are just some of the benefits you can get from using CBD oil.

How to Use the CBD Oil for Seizures in Dogs

You need to ensure that you consult with your vet before giving CBD oil to your pet. If they say it is okay then you can start by doing some training with your pet so they are used to CBD oil. This way, when they have seizures in the future, you can administer it quickly and help them in calming down or preventing seizures.

  • Dispense just a little of CBD oil into their mouth.
  • You can do this by using the dispenser that comes along with your CBD product. If you’re buying a tincture then it’s best to store it in the fridge before use, and avoid putting it under direct sunlight or heat.
  • Ensure that you don’t overuse CBD by only using the recommended dosage. If your dog is large or isn’t used to taking CBD oil, start with a smaller dosage until you reach the appropriate amount.
  • Keep track of how much CBD is being given so it doesn’t happen by mistake. CBD won’t help your pet if they get too much and it can make the problem worse. 

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs With Seizures 

The dose of CBD oil needs to be given under close supervision by a vet. This is because too much can be harmful and even fatal for your pet. However, you should find out what the proper dosage is and how often it should be given so that you can ensure their safety and keep them healthy no matter what.

On average, most dogs need around 25mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight every day to help with seizures. This will depend on your dog’s specific condition, so make sure you research the best dosage before giving them any CBD oil.

It is best to start with small doses and monitor your pet’s behavior closely when you first start giving them CBD oil. You should look for changes in behavior like restlessness, irritability, and other signals that things aren’t going well. This is the only way to avoid adverse reactions and overdosing and also make sure that the CBD oil works correctly.

CBD dosage can be given anywhere from 2 times per day to once every 6 hours. Plus, you can give them a big dose once or twice a day and smaller doses throughout the rest of the day. But before you start giving your pet CBD, It’s important to talk with a vet who can tell you exactly what the dosage is and how long it will take for your pet to feel the effects of CBD.


CBD oil can bring a lot of benefits to humans. But it is also proven safe and effective in animals, particularly, dogs. Using the best CBD oil for dogs with seizures can assure pet owners that they will always have a product that can help their dogs with their medical conditions. It is important to note that the CBD dosage is something you should consider before giving your pets CBD oil, just like with humans. CBD will work well only if it is used the right way and in the right dose.

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